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MapleStory Magician Overview and Tips
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< intro >
Welcome maplers/beginners! Need a guide before you begin your long
journey as a magician? You came to the right place! This guide
covers what being a magician is all about, what’s so special about
playing this job, and what could this job offer you for the next
2nd, 3rd and 4th job advancement. Sounds interesting? Grab a drink
and read on!

< index >
/p1 What is magician?
/p2 Why be magician? (pros and cons)
/p3 What type of magician suits me?
/p4 Fire/Poison
/p5 Ice/Lightning
/p6 Cleric

< p1 >
[ What is a magician? ]

Magicians use spell/magic to attack monsters. They use staves and
wands. They also have pretty-looking dresses and a nice spell
animation when they cast.

These guys are able to attack enemies in different range (close and
far). Bowman and Thief (assassin) have limited ange while attacking
and Warrior needs to approach monsters closely to hit them.

Mage is also known for KS (kill steal) since they could
accidentally eliminate the monsters that other people are killing
as they have range attack ability.

If you KS unintentionally, please say sorry or the other party
might get angry.

Here is the hierarchy of Magician's job advancements:

Magician --> Fire/Poison Wizard -> F/P Mage -> F/P Archmage
|-> Ice/Lightning Wizard -> I/L Mage -> I/L Archmage
'-> Cleric -> Priest -> Bishop

See other files in this directory for skill builds and training

< p2 >
[ Why be a magician? ]
+ Magician has the highest MP (mana points)
+ Magician has the fastest MP recovery
+ Magician gains more Max MP and MP recovery with every INT they
add into their stats.
+ Has element advantage against some monsters. (e.g. Holy against
undead monsters).
+ Have high magic defense against monster magic attacks.
+ Unlike Bowman and Assassin, Magicians could attack even at very
close range (like warriors).

- Has less health than other jobs, and easily dies against high
level monsters without magic guard.
- Magician low level armours provide low weapon defense.
- Difficult to level from level 4 - 8 (beginner)
- Consumes lots of potions especially MP Pots.

< p3 >
[ What type of magician suits me? ]

Once you have completed your 1st job advancement as a magician, you
will be able to choose a special magician sub-class.

Each of these classes have their own distinct skills.

< p4 >
[ Fire/Poison ]

+ Uses Fire and Poison element to deal extra damage to monsters
that are weak against it.
+ Deals the highest damage compared to ice/lightning and cleric
using Fire Element.
+ Uses Poison Element to stack damage over time on multiple mobs in
addition to Fire damage (Poison Brace/Poison Myst).

- Most skills are offensive and lacks defensive skills except for
Seal, Slow.

< p5 >
[ Ice/Lightning ]

+ Uses Ice and Lightning element to deal extra damage to monsters
that are weak against it.
+ Ice Element can to Freeze monsters to prevent them from moving
and counter attacking.
+ Uses Lightning to deal AoE damage (hits multiple monsters).

- Ice/Lightning is basically half offense and defense (damage is
somewhere in between Fire/Poison and Cleric)

< p6 >
[ Cleric ]

+ Uses Holy element to deal extra damage to monsters that are weak
against it.
+ Ultimate Meso Saver: Clerics have the ability to heal themselves
and deactivate magic guard during training. Also, with MP Eater,
they can drain MP from monsters quickly.
Since undead mobs have higher MaxMP and MP Eater drain is based
on the monster's MaxMp, Clerics save more pots.
Basically, they would be training almost without potions (HP pots
are still needed for emergency cases like when you are on stun
status, and you can't heal yourself or activate magic guard).
+ Very High Survivability: Invincible Skill reduces 30% physical
and magic attack, magic guard removes 80% of the damage, and
bless further minimizes received damage with additional weapon
and magic defense. So, if boss monster hits you (e.g. Anego Slap)
a Dragon Knight with hyperbody would not survive that blow, but
Cleric can! Other classes (except HP Warriors) will get 1-hit KO.
+ They have great supportive/party skill: Heal, Bless, Holy Symbol,
Dispel, Ressurection, etc and therefore very welcomed in parties.
+ Fast Levelers: Cleric on 2nd, 3rd and 4th job have mobbing skills
(Heal, Shinning Ray and Genesis). All these 3 allow Cleric to
train quickly. However, 4th job Genesis consumes 3500 MP. Not a
cheap skill, but good combo with Infinity - no mana consumption
for 40 seconds!
+ Makes a lot of meso by getting paid for leeching people with

- Weak Damage: Cleric deal the least damage compared to Fire/Poison
and Ice/Lightning Magician.
This is a support class, so it’s only fair that they deal lower
damage. For those who are looking for high damage, cleric/priest
is not a suitable for you. Once you become a Bishop, you will get
decent damage at the cost of high MP consumption.
- Requires Stable Internet: most high level monsters that
Priest/Bishop train deal high damage which can kill you within 2
hits. If your magic guard (or invincible) are deactivated while
you are lagging, you might be killed (monsters freeze and you
can't use potions, but the damage will still register once the
lag spike ends).
Also, Cleric/Priest/Bishop are usually in party, so this means
more players, more lag. Example: Zakum Party Quest has 30 players
fighting, and if you don't heal your party members within a split
seconds, they could die!