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MapleStory Magician AP/Stat Build
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< intro >
INT attribute is the most important attribute for magician (primary
attribute). It determines the amount of magic attack you can
inflict on a monster and Max MP gained per level up.

Note that MP recovery, on the other hand, is affected by your level
and not INT.

LUK is the 2nd primary Magician attribute for equipments (weapon/
armour/shoe/etc), it increases avoidability and reduces exp lost to
a maximum of 5%.

< index >
/p1 Optimal dice roll
/p2 Types of magicians
/p3 Normal LUK
/p4 Low LUK
/p5 Pure INT / Lukless
< p1 >
[ Optimal dice roll ]

Roll your dice to have the least STR and DEX.

The perfect dice roll for a magician is
STR : 4
DEX : 4
LUK : 4
INT : 13

The requirement to be magician is level 8 with at least 20 Int.

< p2 >
[ Types of magicians ]

There are 3 types of magician builds, Pure INT (Lukless), Low LUK
and Normal Magician.

- Pure INT magician deals massive damage but usually requires lots
of meso to maintain that profile. However, experienced players
can make this build cheaper than a normal magician by using clean
items and weapons from specific quests and having good dodging to
save MP potions.

- Low LUK magician is between Pure INT and Normal build damage.

- Normal magician deals normal damage, easy to maintain with little
meso in hand!

< p3 >
[ Normal LUK ]

Basically, their LUK (luck) attribute must be equivalent to
(character level + 3). The excess AP is added into INT.

You can either add 4 Int and 1 LUK each level up or all AP’s into
INT and add enough LUK to equip your next equipment.

AP is added into LUK because the higher level equipment or weapon
requires LUK in order to wear them. With higher level equipments,
you get additional weapon defense against physical attack and does
not need much meso to maintain this type of magician.

One great advantage of Normal Magician is they have higher LUK than
Pure INT as LUK provides additional avoidability against monster
attacks. It also reduces the Exp lost to 5% or less per death.

< p4 >
[ Low LUK ]

A middleground between Normal LUK and Pure INT. A low-LUK magician
just caps his/her LUK at a certain point, after which all AP goes
into INT.

It is possible to change your mind and pump LUK to go back to
a normal LUK build.

< p5 >
[ Pure INT / Lukless ]

Add all AP into INT as you level up, simple as that!

Pure INT magicians rack up crazy damage at low and high level.
They have more mp capacity than normal builds, and extremely
powerful magic defense.

However, Pure Int have extremely weak weapon defense since they do
not have sufficient LUK (luck) attribute to wear higher level
equipments/scrolls. This can result in burning more potions unless
the user is skilled at dodging.

They only equip common items that are godly scrolled to boost their
overall INT (such as bathrobe, sauna robe, ...) or else their
damage would be same as normal magician.

Players should be either experienced with magician or highly funded
or both to maintain this type of character.

If mastered, it's a truly fast-leveling and powerful build.

Also, LUK (luck) attribute determines how much Exp you would lose
if your character die (KO). Warning: Pure Int Magician loses 10%
Exp per death.