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Modern software is at its worst
Hardware has come a long way since the 90s/early 00's. We have CPUs
and GPUs thousands of times faster than before, as well as 20+
times more RAM.

Unfortunately, instead of putting this increasing power to good use
, many devs waste it to bloat software with useless stuff or even
cover up their laziness or lack of skill, and as a result software
runs slower than ever.

Let's take web browsers as an example:
Browsers that used to run well on XP and earlier machines now run
even slower thanks to all the bloat that was added on top of the
modern web (new javascript standards, more dynamic crap, new more
complex HTML standards, and so on).

Even a basic browser with webkit and nothing else is rather
resource hungry. Dynamic content killed the web. Browsers are
literally an entire OS nowadays, and web apps perform multiple
times worse than properly written native apps.

Browsers are just one example. Games also started forgetting about
optimization almost entirely and you see a lot more people writing
poorly performing code on top of pre-made engines which further
bottleneck performance.

Desktop applications stopped using native UIs and instead use
web app wrappers such as electron which are inconsistent with the
native look and are hundreds of times slower and more resource
hungry, as you now have 1 chromium instance running for each GUI.

Now don't get me wrong, js UI libraries such as react are a neat
way to create UIs but I honestly hate the look and performance in
wrappers like electron is unacceptable. I would only find those
acceptable for very simple web apps that don't need to do more than
a few operations a minute.

Another thing that has degraded over time is UI design.

UIs and websites used to be compact. All the information was close
together and it was very simple and intuitive to read.
The standard fonts always looked nice even without font
antialiasing, which many people like me hate and disable.

Nowadays, UI design tend to have massive fonts that don't look good
without antialiasing. The UI structure is much more spread apart
and only fits in 1080p or higher resolutions, wasting a ton of
space. It's a lot less intuitive and ugly.

I've even seen functionality regression for the sake of modern and
"responsive" design in many cases.

For example, you used to be able to browse youtube favorites in
pages. Whoops, not anymore! Now you need to scroll down and
painfully wait for the site to make its stupid animation and load
the next page.
What's worse is, you can't just skip through pages. You have to
load EVERYTHING and it all stays loaded, so after 10-20 pages the
browser starts to lag and hog cpu just to scroll.

As an example of UI degradation, here's a snapshot of the old
osu! website:


And here's how it will appear on the new osu! website:


(the URL is actually one line, had to split it to fit into 67 char

You can clearly see how the information density dropped massively
in favor of a rather ugly design with fancy buttons and huge fonts.

What used to fit in a screenful now requires two or more.
And the same trend can be seen on desktop UI, especially since more
of them are actually just web pages in a wrapper.

(to be continued...)